Project structure and activities

The scope of the project is to conduct a comparative study in a number of EU Member States on the added value created by double degree programmes. For the specific purposes of this project and for a matter of clarity and simplification, this general term includes all the possible variants of educational degree programmes carried out jointly by two or more institutions with an embedded mandatory mobility component (Dual Degree Programmes, Joint Degree Programmes, Multiple Degree Programmes, etc.) in Science and Technology from the point of view of the different actors involved in the process (programme directors, administrators, students, employers) and with a particular focus on the employability and personal development of the students participating in these programmes.

The following activities related to specific outputs have been planned (for the details on each activity please refer to the specific pages in the sub-menu):

  1. Report on the State of the art (Month 1-3)
  2. Survey on student feedback (Month 4-11):
  3. Interviews – qualitative data on the employability of double degree students (Month 12-17):
  4. Manual for the restructuring and development new double degree programmes (Month 18-21)
  5. Double degree repository (Month 1-26)