Interviews with Stakeholders

Within the project was performed Focus Group-sessions and interviews in order to gather in depth understanding from the major stakeholders of Dual Master-programmes.
This qualitative part of the project is seen as providing understanding that complements the survey that was performed previously in order to provide quantitative data.

Activity 1:

The partners meet to develop the structure of the format for each category of stakeholders (on the basis of the data collected under Output 2) and the number of individuals to be involved in each category

Activity 2:

Performing Focus Group-sessions and interviews in the different countries with Stakeholders:

  • Alumni DD-students in Science and Engineering (former students who have graduated)
  • Students in Science and Engineering who applied to exchange studies abroad but did not choose DD-studies
  • Employers
  • Programme Directors
  • Current DD-students in Science and Engineering
Activity 3:

The partners meet to analyze the outcomes of the sessions and interviews and the output coordinator issues the report